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Laugh for a Lincoln featuring Organized Chaos, Cats Hugging Cats, and Doppleganger!

Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 8pm

at Theatre 99
This event has passed.

Organized Chaos
You know how your mom wants you to clean your room, but you know exactly where everything is? Well… that has nothing to do with this show. The crew from Organized Chaos will not help you clean your room, but they will make sure you have a hilarious evening. Make sure you ask for a To-Go box, because there will be too much fun for you take in one sitting.

Cats Hugging Cats
This six person improv group finds the comedy in the mundane. Scenes start out normally but soon become ticking time bombs of insane hilarity. A show may start out with a scene about a parent teacher conference or a board meeting, but by the end chickens have risen up and taken over the world and cavemen file class action lawsuits. If that is not enough — everyone in the show is totally hot as shit.

Charleston's only all improvised rock show, where you, the audience, shout out the "titles" of your favorite Doppelganger! songs, and have them performed for the first and last time ever.

The Critics say:
"Lee Lewis and Jason Cooper are so good at what they do that the lines between fact and fiction may blur a bit during the show." - Jason Zwicker
"It's a mix of VH1 Storytellers and Tenacious D" - Erica Jackson

Theatre 99

280 Meeting Street
Charleston, SC 29401

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