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Charleston Comedy Festival 2014 - Improv Marathon featuring Local Legends, We’re From Here and Doppelganger

Sat, Jan 18, 2014 at 7:30pm

at Redux Contemporary Art center
  • 18+
This event has passed.

Local Legends

Local Legends is made up of the founding members of the Alchemy Comedy Theater in Greenville, SC. Performing every Friday night with a different special guest storyteller, this fully improvised show is brand new every time. The personal stories told by local celebrities inspire a world of fast-paced scenic hilarity.


We're From Here

We're From Here is a powerhouse trio of ladies who explode into an improvised universe based on the single suggestion of a location. The seasoned improv vets fearlessly tackle issues of age, gender, nationality and anything else that comes up, while thoroughly examining relationships that arise in each scene. Their shows are energetic, compelling, and convincing; filled with hilarious situations and characters that flow from the familiarity these three best friends feel on stage with each other. We're From Here has been performing across North America since 2008, in cities such as Toronto, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Charleston and Austin.  They are all graduates of The Second City Conservatory Programme and have studied at iO Chicago, Annoyance Theater and a lot of other cool places that will take a long time to list.

We're From Here performs longform improv based on the suggestion of a single location.  Using the edit style of transformations, multiple locations, characters and ideas are explored and allowed to interweave with each other during the course of the show.


In a world where rock was king, the drugs were free, and the women were easy; two men formed from fire and brimstone a band that would transcend time and space: "DOPPELGANGER!" Now that Clive Neilsen (Lee Lewis - Moral Fixation) and Johnny Dregg (Jason Cooper - Playlist, Weird Science), have fallen on hard times they are bringing their "hits" to their most rabid fans...the patrons of Theatre 99!!!

Charleston's only all improvised rock show, where you, the audience, shout out the "titles" of your favorite Doppelganger! songs, and have them performed for the first and last time ever.

"Lee Lewis and Jason Cooper are so good at what they do that the lines between fact and fiction may blur a bit during the show." - Charleston City Paper

"It's a mix of VH1 Storytellers and Tenacious D" - Charleston City Paper

Redux Contemporary Art center

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