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Charleston Comedy Festival 2014 - Laugh for a Lincoln featuring Moral Fixation and Neckprov presented by smpl.

Thu, Jan 16, 2014 at 9pm

at Theatre 99
  • 18+
This event has passed.

Moral Fixation

Moral Fixation is a 2 man long form improv show birthed from the fertile loins of Lee Lewis and Greg Tavares.  They take one audience member suggestion and through personal revelation and virtuoso scenework weave an intricate tapestry of artistic deliciousness.  It's improv at the speed of brilliance! The perfect show for those who like their comedy a little on the meaty side... Moral Fixation has been a featured performer at Chicago Improv Festival, Black Box Improv Festival and Spontaneous Combustion Improv Festival as well as regulars at the Charleston Comedy Festival and Piccolo Fringe.


Come join Skeeter, Wild Man, Jackson, Carlene, Dody, Ray Ray and Chevron for an evening for rednecks and those who are curious about rednecks.  This long form will weave a tapestry of stereotypical redneck situations and not so stereotypical situations into a gut busting show that will have you waving the stars and stripes and yelling “Free Bird.”  What if rednecks were at the signing of the Declaration of Independence?  What if they were the brains behind such great inventions as the telescope, duck pate or the atom bomb?  Come find out!  Someone is gonna burn down their trailer house trying to deep fry some road kill.  It’s all improv based on your suggestions.  Rednecks don’t write scripts.

Theatre 99

280 Meeting Street
Charleston, SC 29401

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